Terms & Conditions of Sunshine Card

These terms and conditions shall be effective from 1st January 2010 and shall supersede all the previous membership terms and conditions.



1.1   “Sunshine Card” means membership and reward programme operated by Sunshine Link Sdn Bhd (“Sunshine Link”) for the benefits of Sunshine Card Members.  

1.2   “Sunshine Card Members” means member of Sunshine Card and shall include Principal Card Member and its Supplementary Card Member.

1.3   “Sunshine Card Reward Points” are defined as points awarded to sunshine card Members in accordance with the terms and conditions governing the Sunshine Card which may be stipulated by Sunshine Link from time to time.

1.4   “Sunshine Card Rewards” are defined as goods and or services offered to Sunshine Card Members in exchange for a specified amount of Sunshine Card Reward Points as may be stipulated in the Sunshine Card booklet, leaflet, brochure and/ or other means of media.

1.5   “Participating Outlets” shall include Sunshine Square, Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall, Sunshine Bertam, Sunshine Jelutong, Sunshine Lip Sin, Suiwah Air Itam and all Sunshine Convenient Stores operated by Sunshine Wholesale Mart Sdn Bhd.

1.6   “Sunshine Card Centre” is located at Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru, “sunshinecard Counter” is located at Sunshine Farlim Shopping Mall / Sunshine Jelutong to handle and / or manage all matters related to Sunshine Card. 



2.1   Membership is open to customers above eighteen (18) years of age with a permanent residential address in Malaysia. Any individual who wishes to become a Sunshine Card Member is agreeable to abide by the terms and conditions of Sunshine Card which may vary from time to time.

2.2   Each membership application form must be fully completed.

2.3   Principal Card Members will be charged RM8.00 as a processing fee for a two (2) years membership.

2.4   Principal Card Member is allowed to apply up to a maximum of 5 supplementary cards for his/her family members. A processing fee of RM5.00 shall be charged on each supplementary card for each membership application. The supplementary card membership will expired together with the Principal Card member’s membership expiry regardless of the application date for the supplementary card. For any duplication of account, Sunshine Link has the right to terminate the earlier membership. All correspondence shall be made only to Principal Card Member.

2.5   Renewal of membership is NOT automatic. Each Card Member must submit his/her application for renewal to participating outlets before the expiry date. Renewal of principal card membership can be made by paying RM8.00 in cash as a processing fee or by redeeming with 2000 Sunshine Card Renewal Points before the Sunshine Card expiry date. Renewal of supplementary card will be FREE.

2.6   Approved for renewal of membership is at the absolute discretion of Sunshine Link and is subject to fulfillment of the prevailing terms and conditions set by Sunshine Link at the time of renewal.

2.7   Card Member who failed to renew the membership on/or before the expiry date shall be terminated and new application would have to be resubmitted and subject to a processing fee charge.

2.8   Card Members are requested to notify Sunshine Card Centre/ Sunshine Card Counter of any charges of personal particulars. In the event a card is lost, stolen or damaged during the term of membership, a fee of RM8.00 shall be imposed for the replacement of principal card and RM5.00 shall be imposed for the replacement of each supplementary card.

2.9   Sunshine Link reserves the right to use and utilize the Sunshine Card database information for any marketing and promotional purposes.   



3.1   The Sunshine Card is a Discount cum Reward Card and not a credit or charge card. It can only be used at the participating Outlets, and all payment must be made either by cash or by credit cards accepted by:

3.2   Card Members are required to present a valid Sunshine Card to the cashier for the accumulation of Sunshine Card Reward Point (subject to clause 3.5) before any purchase transaction. Failure to do so will result in “no discount given” and “no points” being awarded for the amount spent.

3.3   One (1) Sunshine Card Reward Point shall be awarded for a minimum purchase of RM1.00 storewide. Sunshine Card Reward Points shall NOT be awarded for purchase(s) of baby diaper, no point items, purchase(s) from Tenant Counters, Sales & Marketing bulk purchase and purchase of Sunshine Gift Voucher.

3.4   Staff and promoters are not allowed to use their membership card during working hours and strictly not on customers’ purchases.

3.5   Sunshine Card Reward Points accumulated shall be redeemed during the membership term of which must be redeemed before expiry date of the Sunshine Card; otherwise Sunshine Card Rewards Points will be forfeited.

3.6   Sunshine Card Reward Points earned are not transferable, sellable, and assignable to any other persons.                       



4.1   Privileges and exclusive promotions extended by external establishments to Sunshine Card Member are subject to the terms and conditions as specified by the respective participating establishments from time to time.

4.2   Sunshine Link shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Sunshine Card Member pertaining to the privileges extended by any of participating establishments.

4.3   Sunshine Link shall not be liable for any non-performance or unsatisfactory of any obligations of the participating establishments under this programme.



5.1   Sunshine Card Reward Points shall be used for the sole purpose of redeeming Sunshine Card Rewards. Once Sunshine Card Reward Points have been utilized by the Principal Card Member, they shall be deemed to be redeemed and subtracted from the Principal Card Member’s account and shall not be transferred back to its origin.

5.2   Sunshine Card Reward Points accumulated by the Principal and Supplementary Card Members are deemed to be accumulated by the Principal Card Member and are not transferable, sellable or assignable to other person.

5.3   Sunshine Card Reward Points will expire with the membership expiry date as stated on your card. Members are given one month grace to redeem the Sunshine Card Reward Points with a valid Sunshine Card. After which, all expired points will be forfeited.

5.4   Sunshine Card Reward Points shall only be accumulated upon presenting the Sunshine Card to the cashier at the time of purchase with valid payment to the cashier. Backdated receipts are not valid for accumulation of Sunshine Card Reward Points. (Proof of receipt is not proof that points have been recorded.)

5.5   Principal Card Member must produce his/her Sunshine Card and identification Card during redemption of Sunshine Card Rewards. 



6.1   Sunshine Card Rewards as stated in the Sunshine Card Rewards booklet, leaflet, brochure and/or other means of media are available on the “while stock last” and “first-come-first-served” basis.

6.2   Sunshine Card Reward can only be redeemed at the place specified on the Sunshine Card Rewards booklet, leaflet, brochure and/or other means of media.

6.3   Sunshine Link reserved the right to amend and/or change any Sunshine Card Rewards without prior notice to the Sunshine Card Members.

6.4   Redemption of Sunshine Card Rewards with insufficient Sunshine Card Reward Points will not be processed or entertained.

6.5   A token of RM1 will be imposed for each Sunshine Card Reward redeemed by the Principal Card Member.

6.6   Redemption made by the Sunshine Card Members at the cashier counter are irrevocable, cannot be cancelled, returned and/or exchanged.

6.7   Sunshine Card Rewards must be redeemed by Principal Card Member personally at Sunshine Card Centre/ Sunshine Card Counter. Redemption through post or other means of communication will not be accepted.

6.8   Sunshine Link reserves the right to adjust the Sunshine Card Rewards Points required for redemption of Sunshine Card Rewards as well as substituting or replacing any Sunshine Card Rewards with other of appropriate equivalent value without prior notice.

6.9   Sunshine Link reserves the right to refuse any redemption of any Sunshine Card Rewards, retract the redeemed item or suspend/terminate membership card if Sunshine Link has any reason to suspect that the Sunshine Card Reward Points were fraudulently accumulated by the Sunshine Card Member or wrongly recorded.



7.1   Card Members are advised to examine all Sunshine Card Rewards upon receipt. Damage of any Sunshine Card Rewards must be returned immediately.

7.2   Alternatively, faulty or damaged Sunshine Card Rewards shall be delivered to the Sunshine Card Centre/ Sunshine Card Counter within three (3) days from the issuance of the Sunshine Card Rewards for replacement. The returned Sunshine Card Rewards must be accompanied by the official redemption receipt otherwise Sunshine Link reserves the right not to accept and/or replace the damaged Sunshine Card Rewards.

7.3   Sunshine Link is entitled to replace the faulty or damaged Sunshine Card Rewards with any other Sunshine Card Rewards of which may deem fit and such faulty or damage Sunshine Card Rewards cannot be replaced by Sunshine Card Reward Points or any monetary value.

7.4   Sunshine Link reserves the right not to make any replacements if the damaged Sunshine Card Reward are found to damage or rendered faulty due to fault, omission or negligence of Sunshine Card Member.


8         GENERAL

8.1   Sunshine Card is not transferable and shall remain the property of Sunshine Link to whom it must be returned, found, or upon request.

8.2   Sunshine Link reserves the right to amend Sunshine Card programme mechanics, terms and conditions herein from time to time at their sole discretion and without prior notice. Any new or amended terms and conditions in this respect will always override or supersede the existing terms and conditions of Sunshine Card.

8.3   Sunshine Link shall not be held liable for any death, injury, consequential loss and/or damage of any nature arising from the redemption of Sunshine Card Rewards or from the loss, theft or destruction of Sunshine Card Rewards.

8.4   Sunshine Link reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Sunshine Card programme at anytime deem necessary and advance notice shall be given to members in the manner deem appropriate and without any compensation whatsoever being payable to Sunshine Card Members.