Whistle Blowing Policy

  1. Introduction

    Suiwah Corporation Berhad (“the Company”) expects the highest standards of integrity and good work behavior from all its employees, vendors, consultants and/or business associates.

    This Whistle Blowing Policy (“the Policy”) is a guideline and channel for the Company’s stakeholders or even members of the public to report or lodge a complaint to the Company of any improper conduct on the part of any of its management, employees, directors and any other party in particular with respect to their obligations to the Company’s interests.

  2. Policy Statement

    2.1 The Company is committed to achieve and maintain high standards with regards to the behavior at work.

    2.2 In order to achieve and maintain these standards and good behavior at work through the Policy, the Company will withheld identities of the parties reporting a whistle blowing complaint. The Company expects all parties to act in good faith and have reasonable grounds when reporting a whistle blowing complaint.

    2.3 The Company views false and malicious allegations seriously and the parties responsible may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including legal actions where applicable.

  3. Types of Improper Conduct

    Parties can report a whistle blowing complaint if they are aware of any improper conduct, including but not limited to the following:-

    3.1 fraud;

    3.2 misappropriation of company’s assets;

    3.3 non-compliance with regulatory requirements;

    3.4 criminal breach of trust;

    3.5 illicit and corrupt practices;

    3.6 sexual harassment;

    3.7 misuse of confidential information;

    3.8 giving false or misleading information (including suppression of any material facts or information);

    3.9 the deliberate concealment of any of the above matter or other acts of wrong doing

  4. Whistle Blowing Channels

    4.1 Parties submitting the complaints via emails, faxes or letters, should disclose their names, contact number, details of person(s) involved, nature of allegation, when and where the incident took place and provide evidence, if possible.

    4.2 Report regarding the Company’s employees, vendors, consultants and/or business associates:-

    Name : Dato’ Hwang Thean Long
    Designation : Group Managing Director
    Email : hwang@suiwah.com.my
    Telephone : +604-6431111
    Fax : +604-6437389
    Mail : Suiwah Corporation Berhad
    No. 1-20-1, SUNTECH @ Penang Cybercity,
    Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,
    11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
    Attention: Group Managing Director
    (Please mark “Strictly Confidential”)

    4.3 Report regarding the Company’s management and/or directors:-

    Name : YB Senator Dato’ Haji Mohd Suhaimi bin Abdullah
    Designation : Chairman of Audit Committee
    Email : dato.suhaimi@silverridge.com.my
    Telephone : +603-2300 0163
    Fax : +603-2300 0291
    Mail : Suiwah Corporation Berhad
    No. 1-20-1, SUNTECH @ Penang Cybercity,
    Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,
    11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
    Attention: Chairman of Audit Committee
    (Please mark “Strictly Confidential”)

The Company reserves the right not to inform the whistleblower of the precise action plan and/or the outcome of the investigation as this may infringe a duty of confidentiality to others.